What We Do

Talent Management Services

Mente is by your side every step of your aircraft ownership lifecycle journey. We have successfully placed hundreds of candidates in new career positions and prepared dozens of retention and compensation studies nationally.

Talent Management Services

Our five talent management services work together to keep the client at the center.

Pilot / Personnel Retention Studies

Based on the latest research generated in the industry, Mente develops a comprehensive and specifically-tailored strategy designed to retain your aviation team through an analysis of the three crucial retention elements:

• Quality of life
• Compensation and
• Individual value/morale

Pilot / Personnel Compensation Studies

Using the latest tools and proprietary methodology, Mente analyzes current or proposed compensation packages, compares them against the industry market and makes recommendations for competitive adjustments.

Personnel Placement

Using a proprietary process focused on cultural fit and operational capabilities, Mente finds, screens, and provides a slate of candidates for your positions that precisely fit your requirements

• Mente consultants have over 40 years experience hiring aviation professionals
• Mente’s lead in personnel placement has successfully placed hundreds of candidates in top-tiered roles within the business aviation community

Flight Department Start-Up

From initial aircraft selection to a fully- staffed, fully operational organization in 3 – 6 months including:

• Aircraft delivery and preparation for service
• Personnel selection, hiring and training for duty
• Facility selection and preparation
• Aircraft / support account establishment
• Budget creation and management
• Operational design and implementation

Flight Department Interim Management

For temporary situations during leadership installation and changeover, Mente consultants can provide expert leadership during transitional periods using real world expertise

Mente’s consultants have built and managed Fortune 100 flight operations and are IS-BAO certified consultants